EADSworld: Ad Delivery Made Easy

Everything you need to send and receive Advertisements

EADSworld, a subsidiary of Datamation Group of Companies, is the leading ad delivery platform across Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong. We validate your print and web advertisement before it’s being sent to print media such as newspapers, magazines and more, to ensure they match the various publisher’s specifications. With us, you’ll have no more last-minute issues with the press when you submit your ad!


Why EADSworld?

  •   Over 300 newspaper and magazine print publications available.
  •   Track your print and web ad status in real-time.
  •   Upload your advertisement anytime, anywhere.
  •   Fast, reliable, high-quality service.
  •   User-friendly web based ad delivery portal for multi users.

Our services



  • Convert RGB to CMYK
  • Convert Spot colors to CMYK
  • Hardcopy proofing available


  • Corrupted images and fonts
  • Unprintable elements
  • Incorrectly generated PDF


  • Ink weight control
  • Transparency flattening
  • Dimension size checking

Hardcopy Proofing (New!)

Looking for cost-effective color proofing? We have just the solution, at an affordable price!

Hardcopy proof, also known as physical proof, is an actual printed sample of a to-be-printed material. Print houses use different colour outputs besides the ISO Standards. Hence to avoid misprints, it is highly recommended for those in the Advertising industry to get visual copies to verify the accuracy of colours, alignments and more, before they are printed.

We provide fast, cheap and reliable high-quality proofing services across Malaysia. Klang Valley customers can get their proofs within a day, whereas other areas will receive within 3 days.


Company Info

  •   Headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Datamation Group of Companies was founded in 1983
  •   One of the pioneer IT and Pre-press Solution providers in Malaysia.
  •   Today, Datamation has presence and offices in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong,Australia, and Indonesia.
  •   Awarded PIKOM Key Industry Leader Award in the year 2007
  •   An MSC Status Company since year 2008