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Submitting ads to print publishers can be challenging with each media owner having specific requirements for material submissions and ad formats. Furthermore, having issues such as corrupted images and unprintable elements can pose a problem for your ad campaigns.

Our leading ad delivery system helps you by making sure that your advertisement material fits all the requirements and validating them before delivering to publishers, ensuring the best quality and a peace of mind for you & your team.

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Anytime, Anywhere Delivery

Get perfect-quality print ads uploaded to publishers remotely from any location and at your own schedule.

Delivery reports
Multiple device support
High-speed upload

ISO Color Management

Our system performs quality control on your print ad. Instant feedback with high resolution previews and built-in colour correction make managing print ad deliveries a breeze.

Convert RGB to CMYK
Convert Spot colors to CMYK
Hardcopy proofing available

Identify Potential Errors

Upon uploading your ad, our system instantly checks and highlights any errors found in the file, ensuring all print errors are corrected before submitting to publishers.

Corrupted images and fonts
Unprintable elements
Incorrectly generated PDF

Handy Fixes

Our system optimizes your print ad to be exactly as per media specification, saving your team hours of work.

Ink weight control
Transparency flattening
Dimension size checking

Some of our Key Features

Huge Publication Support

Over 300 newspaper and magazine print publications

Ad Delivery Monitoring

Track your print ad status in real-time

Last Minute Delivery

Our customer support team can help make last minute print requests a breeze

Powerful Engine

Fast, reliable, and high-quality output

Live Delivery Dashboard

User-friendly interface for multiple users

Customer Support

Benefit from experienced customer support throughout the validation process

Delivery Assurance

Rest assured your print ad is delivered to publisher on time

Fast Onboarding

Start sending ads quickly through a simple signup & setup process

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